Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Top 10 places to get lost

1. Old Town Prague

How many bars can I get thrown out of? How many spires can I count? How many pivos can I order? How much Bohemian glass can I break?

2. Ilha de Mocambique

The most photographic children I've ever seen. The scenery ain't bad either.

3. Hvar Island, Croatia

Take a moped an hour before sunset, stopping at every cove for a drink, a swim, and a glass of wine. Then do it again.

4. Fes, Morocco

The best place to get in a fight with a donkey or throw up outside a tannery. Or both.

5. St. Petersburg, Russia

Walk across the Neva, play hockey with the Russians, drink where Pushkin drank, see where Dostoevsky was born, walk the canals during White Nights. The scope of this city is gargantuan. And the beauty much underrated.

6. Pamplona, Spain

As long as you're wearing white with red trim, drinking Calimochos, and having a good time, you can't really go wrong here in early July.

7. Laos

Slow boat on the Mekong, French architecture, Beer Lao, dynamic people, temples at every corner.

8. In a car on the Garden Route, South Africa

Think Monterey, California meets the Grand Canyon, then imagine the dutch farm houses, the occasional whale sighting and a chance to dive with Great Whites.

9. Lake Malawi

Sand, sea, scuba diving, and all in a fresh water paradise. Plus the damn crocodiles only swim at night.

10. The West coast of Ireland


Top 10 Road trips

1. San Diego to The Rockies, Colorado

2. Highway 1, California by motorcycle

3. Seattle to Anchorage

4. Durban to Cape Town

5. Melbourne to Perth

6. The Che Route, Argentina

7. Dalmatian Coastline, Croatia

8. Costa Brava Spain to the Sahara (Morocco), via Tangier

9. The Amalfi Coast, Italy

10. Baja California

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Celebrities to Take Shots With

10. Bill Clinton ("How was Yale...........? Just kidding. Lewinski. Everything. Go!")
9. Robert Downey Jr. ("Set the're drunk, you're wandering the streets, you climb into bed with a total stranger...and the next thing you remember is what?")
8. Shakira ("Bring your acoustic in the hot tub. Trust me.")
7. Donald Sutherland ("How do you get your mouth to always look like you've got a jawbreaker in there?")
6. Courtney Love ("So tell me about Kurt...")
5. Hugh Hefner ("Do you sometimes wonder if your life would have been different as a priest?")
4. W  ("How does it feel to watch a bomb explode on TV and know that you pushed that button?")
3. Tom Cruise ("One rule for tonight...there's no limit on the "Top Gun" lines, k Mav?"
2. Jim Carrey ("Quick advice before the drinks come: STOP MAKING SERIOUS MOVIES. You're not Funny in them! BE FUNNY!")
1. O.J. ("I really liked your book.")