Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Celebrities to Take Shots With

10. Bill Clinton ("How was Yale...........? Just kidding. Lewinski. Everything. Go!")
9. Robert Downey Jr. ("Set the scene...you're drunk, you're wandering the streets, you climb into bed with a total stranger...and the next thing you remember is what?")
8. Shakira ("Bring your acoustic in the hot tub. Trust me.")
7. Donald Sutherland ("How do you get your mouth to always look like you've got a jawbreaker in there?")
6. Courtney Love ("So tell me about Kurt...")
5. Hugh Hefner ("Do you sometimes wonder if your life would have been different as a priest?")
4. W  ("How does it feel to watch a bomb explode on TV and know that you pushed that button?")
3. Tom Cruise ("One rule for tonight...there's no limit on the "Top Gun" lines, k Mav?"
2. Jim Carrey ("Quick advice before the drinks come: STOP MAKING SERIOUS MOVIES. You're not Funny in them! BE FUNNY!")
1. O.J. ("I really liked your book.")

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